Wednesday, November 5, 2008

October 30 Meeting

Denver Climbers' Coalition October 30 2008

Big Topics (E-mail me for complete minutes!)

1. Adopt a Highway in Clear Creek

2. DCC to provide volunteer support for North Table Mountain Trail Day, Saturday, November 15th. Event will take place from 9 until 2. We will meet at the main parking lot.

3. Update on Denver Mountain Parks

4. Overview of other LCO's and project start ups and successes and some of their procedures.

5. Strategies for “getting in” with land managers and other organizations.

6. Approaching Sensitive Areas
It was noted that numbers give you power and unity, especially combined with statistics for trail days and other positive events that show our concern and respect for the environment.

7. Moving Forward With Organization – Brainstorming

8. Creation of DCC logo – anybody up for the job???

.....and we have DCC T-Shirts for sale, at cost! contact us through the email if you would like a shirt.

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