Sunday, October 5, 2008

September Meeting

Greetings Denver Climbers,
On Thursday we met in Morrison for the Coalitions September 25th meeting. Thanks to all of you for you participation, comments and insights.
Here are key things we discussed:
-- Falcon Publishing and the authors have procceeded with the publishing of the latest bouldering guide book despite the books unpopular and questionable content.
-- Denver Mountain Parks has recieved & posted many of the climbers comments. Keep up the good efforts and keep it positive. Brainstorm ways we can become an asset to DMP
-- Public and climbing communities right to "Due Process" during hearings with DMP.
-- Next DCC meeting will be held Thursday October 30, we are trying to aquire space at a local climbing gym. Keep posted.

Keep up the efforts and share your thoughts with the blogs on DMP website.

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